We help parents teach life skills to homeschool teen so they can not only survive but thrive in the real world!

As I look back on those first years after leaving home, I am blown away by how overwhelming and confusing it was!  I remember being intimidated talking to apartment managers, trying to learn what the rent was and how big rooms were. Then having to call all the utility companies and set up new accounts.  Next came keeping up with bills and *finally* one day learning about a budget.  Grocery shopping without breaking the bank.  Learning how to really make a difference at work and not just stay at my desk waiting for quitting time.  It took A LOT of time and effort to learn these valuable skills.

As you will see in the About Us page, as we began teaching our daughter these skills her level of confidence soared.  She wanted to start saving more and creating a game plan for when she begins “adulting”.

Do you wish there were more options for high school on-line life skill classes for your homeschool teen? 

Has your teen gone through Dave Ramsey’s AWESOME Foundations Course, but couldLife 101 - we provide high school on-line classes and tips to help homeschool teens prepare for the real world. use more examples?  Or does your teen have an idea for a small business, but they don’t know where to begin?

Life 101 offers high school on-line classes and weekly tips to help your teen prepare for adulthood.  Teens need to know how to cook and manage their money well.  They need to know what good work ethics and time management look like so they can hit the ground running when it is time.

The homeschool teens in this next generation are going to change the world.

We don’t want them wasting adulthood time learning basic skills when they could be using their time to have ideas, dreams, and goals to change the world and then DOING IT!

At LIFE 101, we exist to help parents educate and equip home-schooled teens with the life skills they need to make it in this world and inspire and encourage you along the way!