A Beginner’s Guide to Laundry


Once out of the house, mom isn’t there to help you with your laundry.  The clothes that magically got clean for you, must now be washed for you.  But no worries, you’ve got this!

Today we are going to learn how to clean our clothes, keep them the same color and size.

Here is the laundry infographic – print it, download, keep it around for a quick reference when needed.  If you want the details, see below.

Beginner's Guide to Laundry


As you sort your clothes:  Clean out all the pockets and make sure all zippers are zipped and buttons are buttoned – less chance of a snag.

We have a few categories:  jeans, whites, darks, red, light color family clothes and whites.  Each category has their own water and dryer temperature and times, it’s best to read the label to confirm water temperature, but here is the rule of thumb for each category:

Towels: separate white/light colors, red/orange/pinks, and darks


When putting clothes in the washing machine, you can create a small load (1/4 of the washer filled), a medium load (1/2 the washer filled) or a large load (3/4 filled).  Make sure you pick the right size load so your clothes get washed well, but no water is wasted.

If you have a front load washer, load before you add detergent.  If you have an old school top load washer, start the washer, add the detergent and when it looks mixed up good (about ½ full) add your clothes.

GENERAL Washer setting:

White clothes: Use WARM water.  Do you need to bleach the clothes?  If so, add that to the dispenser.  If your machine doesn’t have a dispenser, mix it with washing water before adding clothes as well.

Colored Clothes: Use WARM water.

Dark Clothes: Use COLD water.


FOR CLOTHES: Dryer on Warm Heat and use dryer sheets or fabric softeners every wash.

FOR TOWELS: Dryer on High Heat and I remove the towel immediately from the dryer to let them air dry the last little bit if needed – mildew towels are gross!  Use fabric softner every fourth washes – it can leave a waxy build up on towels if used too much. To keep static low – no kidding – throw in a crumpled piece of foil in the dryer with the towels.  Works every time! 😉

For delicate clothes: check tags for required needs and wash accordingly.  Some delicate clothes require dry cleaning, while others say no dryer – only laying them flat and let them dry.  So make sure they don’t get thrown in the with the washing machine clothes.


SWEET TIP:  If you lay your clothes out straight, fresh from the dryer – still super warm – you can say goodbye to your iron! SCORE! 😊

Are there any laundry tips you would give a newbie to doing laundry?



9 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Laundry

  1. My best laundry hack is to have two different hampers–one for whites and one for darks/colors. That way, I don’t have to sort anything come laundry day because it’s already all done! I just keep one basket in the closet, and the other is a basket that hangs over the door. It seriously makes laundry day a million times easier.

  2. I’ve always taken for granted doing laundry since I grew up doing it. But it is for real scary for a lot of young adults who never had to do it. Thank you for posting this – it will help a lot of people out.

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