Spreading the LOVE, One Handmade Valentine Card at a Time

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We work hard to raise Purpose Driven Teens.  One of the core values we try to instill in our homeschool teens is

The world is bigger than them.

One way we try to reiterate this value is to help them do something for others every month.  Sometimes it is big, like spreading the word about Koni 2012… other times it is mowing a lawn for an elderly neighbor.  Always they are better for it! 😉

For the month of February, we had FUN!  We saw a really fun idea on www.dosomething.org.  You create handmade Valentine’s for the recipients of Meals on Wheels in your neighborhood.  You can see the details here – https://www.dosomething.org/us/campaigns/love-letters-challenge.  The goal was to create Valentines for local senior citizens and let them know they are not forgotten and are loved this Valentine’s Day.

Life 101 - Teen Life Skill - create a card in 5 minutes
Life 101 - Teen life skill Create a card in 5 minutes

Creating a Handmade Valentine 101

As my daughter began this project, I realized that there is a real disconnect between my generation and my kids’ generation when it comes to handmade crafts like this. You see, I spent A LOT of time at my Nana and Papa’s home, it just happened to be my favorite place on Earth as a kid.  So, I am sure to pass the time, my Nana would sit at the kitchen table with me and create Valentine’s Day cards, Easter decorations, Christmas chains for the tree, Posters just for fun…. I tell ya, the woman NEVER ran out of construction paper or crayons! 🙂

So, for this post, it is a little random, but I do believe a great life skill is knowing how to create a cute card out of few supplies.  Just think… on a bad day, that could be just the pick me up your friend needs to keep going! 😉

Supplies: It doesn’t take much. Life 101 teen life skills - supplies to make Valentine Card

  • 1-2 Piece of paper (if you can’t find a piece of construction or scrapbook paper, grab some copy paper)
  • Glue
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 Crayons or markers or a pen



  1. Fold the pink paper in 1/2.  Now cut down the fold.

    cutting out heart for valentine card

  2. Take the white paper and it in 1/2 as well.
  3. Now cut out 1/2 of a heart from it. “You curve to a point” is how I was taught… 😉
  4. Unfold the heart you create and try to rub out the middle line.
  5. Glue around the edges of the heart and place on the front of the card.  I usually run my finger around the Valentine to make sure all the edges got some glue on them.
  6. Now, open the card and… BE YOU!


Life 101 - create a card in 5 minutes

Who are you making the card for?  A friend? A family member?

You can write what is in your heart about that person.  Maybe say 3 things that make you smile about that person.


Maybe you are silly and you should create a quick poem. Here are a few we came up with for this year’s project:

Roses are Red, Violets are blue.  When I see your sweet smile, I smile too!

Roses are red, Violets are blue.  Your sweet smile is a dream come TRUE!

Roses are red, Violets are blue. The world is a better place because of YOU!

Whoever you decide to BE YOU with the words on the card, I promise the person receiving the card will LOVE IT!  Just knowing you took the time to take the time means so much these days!

So, good luck making a difference in the world this week!  Do you have any fun tips for making cards?  Let us know – we will share them in next year’s post! 🙂

The Life 101 Team



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