Life Skills for Homeschool Teens

Is Your Teen Ready for Adulting?


Life 101 Pro exists to help parents prepare their teens for adulthood. Is your teen ready for adulting quiz

As such, we are often asked ‘how can I get my teen ready for adulting?’
With that y’all in mind, we have created a quick 20 question quiz covering some great concepts to make sure your teen has down before they leave home.  Click START to begin!

If you love it and want more guidance and be on the look out for GREAT THINGS coming.
Life 101 Pro is launching an on-line academy to help teens prepare for adulting, called the Life 101 Pro Academy. 

At the Life 101 Pro Academy your teen will learn skills and lessons for MUCH CHEAPER than the school of hard knocks!

  • The academy offers 3 core classes:  Life 101, Resume and Interview Boot Camp and Proper Manners and Etiquette.
  • We also give moms DIRECT ACCESS to us for questions along the way.
  • Every month your teen will receive new electives teaching everything from basic home repair to how to plan a party.
To get on the waiting list – click here.
On the Journey with you,
-melissa 🙂