Life 101 Pro Academy

In Year One

LIFE 101

This course prepares teens for adulting.  They learn what to expect when leaving home. During the course, they will find housing, meal plan, create budgets, learn manners and expectations for workplace environments and much more!

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A membership site that offers on-line courses and opportunities for teens to refine their abilities, prepare for adulting and discuss their ideas with their peers along the way.

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In Year Two

photography 101 course for homeschool teens

Photography 101

In Photography 101 we will cover the basics of photography and tips to capturing great images.  Once this course is complete your teen is welcome to join our photography club! 🙂

Blogging 101


In Bloggging 101 your teen will be taken step by step through creating a blog, tips for what their posts should include and how to grow their audience.

Entrepreneurship 101

Entrepreneurship 101

In Entrepreneurship 101 your teen will learn how to take an idea for making money and actually turn it into their own business.